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A Touch of Calm

Massage in the comfort of your own home

A Touch of Calm - Charlie's Story

From the moment Charlie breathed into his first massage,

he knew that he was about to experience something new, exciting and of course relaxing

Why Massage?

Having worked in luxury hotels and hospitality in Shepton Mallet and Somerset for most of his working life, Charlie has always had a keen interest in peoples welfare and well-being ensuring that his guests and customers have the best experience possible.

When combined with a constant desire to travel and experience different cultures – food, drink and of course massages – Charlie's step into becoming a therapist was a natural one.

Travelling all over the world has allowed him to try and test for himself which styles he believes are most beneficial for the body and mind.

His experience working in spa hotels has helped him understand the needs of many different types of people and the reasons that they might choose to have a massage.

Training for Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai,

led him to learn about Chi Nei Tsang, a treatment that gently massages the organs through the tummy. Now fully qualified in Thai Yoga and Swedish Massage, Charlie uses a little of each discipline to determine the perfect treatment for you.

Your First Treatment

The moment you meet Charlie, his charm will put you at ease, and from there he will discuss what you are hoping to gain from the treatment and how between you both, how you can get you there.

Be open and honest with him and the experience will be much better for both – and far more effective! Naturally everything discussed with him is treated in the strictest confidence.

Happy Customers

Your treatment is ultimately about you, and so, Charlie hopes to be able to add you to his list of already happy customers!:

'Relaxation at its best, getting into all the corners'

'I feel stretched and pulled to perfection, the Thai massage is definitely a treatment I'll be having again!'