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A Touch of Calm

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Why have a massage at home?

Posted on December 12, 2017 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (106)

Why Have a massage at home?

One of the biggest questions I am asked is 'why would anyone want their massage at home?'  For me, this is the ultimate luxury! Think of it this way, why WOULDN'T you? Bring the spa to me? Be treated like royalty for a few hours...  Here are my top 7 'Why have a massage at home!'

  • The Drive - whilst we all need a massage, no one relishes driving in the rain and traffic to get to your massage appointment, not only is it stressful, but, it's your free time, then you're early and have to wander around before finally being seen, but if the drive beforehand isn't enough, then you have to do the drive home. Dazed, relaxed, 'spaced out' - the LAST thing you should do is drive...
  • Relax' - after the treatment, knowing that once the therapist has gone, all you need to do is put the kettle on for a delicious Jasmine Green tea and then, you can sink into your sofa, put your feet up and 'zone' out for a bit before having to think about what the rest of the day will hold for you. Alternatively, why not book your massage for the afternoon or evening in the knowledge that your chores are done and you have no more worries for the day, allowing you to relax and continue the relaxed sensation for the rest of the evening. 
  • Dress Down - Leaving the house for some can take hours of preparation. Having your masseur turn up on your doorstep can allows a 'care free' attitude for their arrival. Whether you have your massage in the morning, afternoon or evening, it means that before and after you massage you can just wear your pyjamas. No smartening up, no uncomfortable 'fashioning' and no more cares...

  • Bad Hair? - Trust me, your masseur would have seen worse states than what you think you look like with bed head and no makeup. They are never focused on your looks when your being massaged and pummuled into your dreamy state, they only care about the area their working on, besides, if you're having a head and scalp massage, the chances are they'll be messing the hair even more... no one else will see you!

  • The Soak - Every good masseur will know that a warm bath or shower before a massage allows the muscles to relax and soften, meaning the benefits of a massage will be inhanced, the blood circulates better, the muscles can take a deeper treatment and the oils will absorb further. When blood circulation is imprioved the toxin release is more efficient. (when mixed with plenty of water consumption).  Can you prepare yourself any better than at home?

  • Any time? - Whether it's a morning afternoon or evening massage, the treatment will set you up for the remainder of your day. massaging in the morning, will get you brain working for the rest of the day, your metabolic rate is also increased, stimulation and increasing the blood flow to your organs and improving your digestion, an evening massage will allow you to switch off and relax for the rest of the night. why not have an afternoon treatment and then you can dream about how you can spend the evening relaxing. Timings can be personal to each individual and what suits one may not suit another.

  • The Couple - The home, can be the perfect place for you and your loved one to relax together. time from your hectic schedules to zone out, spend time in each others company and know the rest of the day can be spent as you wish. Allow yourselves the permission to stay calm and relaxed together and enjoy a duvet day.

  • Enhance your training - As well as the time spent at the gym, spin class or yoga session, why not incorporate the massage as part of your routine. Thai Yoga Massage can be used to push your muscles that one millimetre or further than you would perhaps push yourself. stretching, improving muscle suppleness and blood circulation as Swedish Massage can relax tense muscles from over exercise from a gruling workout

For all your massage needs in Somerset, visit A Touch of Calm and just see how much easier having a home  visit really can be!