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A Touch of Calm

Massage in the comfort of your own home

A Touch of Calm Prices

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Thai Massage

Lazy man's yoga

Thai yoga massage can be a long, relaxing treatment should you wish but a basic treatment is 75 minutes. This will cover all areas of your body but if you’d like Charlie to concentrate on a specific area, then do let him know and he’ll adjust the treatment accordingly:

75 minute treatment £60

90 minute treatment £80

This treatment requires approximately 6 ft square floor space. You will need to wear loose clothing that does not restrict movement.

A Thai facial massage can be included in the 90 minute.

Swedish Massage

Relax and unwind with oil

Swedish massage can be from one hour to two hours depending on the level of focus you may like.

The choice of Songbird Massage wax is included in this treatment an you can decide whether you would prefer a gentle relaxation, a rejuvenating or deep tissue massage on the day. Add 15 minutes for a relaxing face and scalp massage.

60 minute treatment £50 (include a 15 minute face massage £60)

90 minute treatment £75 (include a 15 minute face massage £85)

This treatment is performed on a couch that is provide, the choice of oils do contains almond oil, please advise Charlie if you have an allergy or would prefer an alternative.

Terms and Conditions of booking

Some necessary information

To benefit most from your massage, he requests that you:

Drink plenty of water on the lead up and after the treatment

Don't drink alcohol after your treatment until the following day

Ensure you personal hygiene is good

He will suggest specific stretches for you, you will only benefit if you do them

Please cancel your booking as soon as you know you need to, I will not charge for cancellations, however, repeated cancellations will result in prepayment for booked treatment

If he is coming to you, he will be with you as close to the reserved time, however, there maybe delays on roads, and he will let you know if he is going to be particularly late

You will sleep very well when you retire for the evening, this is perfectly normal

There can be some small marks on your body resulting from the massage, they are perfectly normal, however, if they continue for an extreme length of time, he recommends consulting your GP.

A consolation form should be completed on your first treatment, please ensure any changes after this are advised to him

All information given is treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be passed to a third party.