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A Touch of Calm

Massage in the comfort of your own home

A Touch of Calm Massage Mobile Treatment List

Thai Yoga Massage

'Lazy man's Yoga'

We all know we should be doing some sort of stretching exercise but why do it yourself? Thai yoga massage is also know as 'Lazy Man's Yoga' simply because the masseur will stretch you in to positions similar to yoga.

The results from this massage can be extreme or little by little. The treatment is conducted from the floor on a mat and works on pressure points along your meridian lines followed by gentle stretches that expand each muscle group as we work through your body.

This treatment will allow you to relax, de-stress and feel stretched. Depending on your initial flexibility, you may find that you feel as though you have had a work out by the following day.

General feedback given is that you will sleep incredibly well that evening, you may become a little sore from the stretches but with increased flexibility. The treatment will be tailored to you, however, a 75 minute treatment will generally offer an all over experience. If there are specific areas that you feel need attention, Charlie is very happy to work on that area more.

You'll need about a 6' square area (more if you're taller) and to wear loose or stretchable clothing. No oils are used during this treatment.

Swedish Massage

'Relax as your worries are massaged away'

Traditional Swedish Massage is an opportunity for you to relax and while away your thoughts and worries whilst having your muscles warmed, stretched and relaxed.

Swedish massage will increase your blood flow, improving your lymph drainage, help with anxiety, de-stresses, calms and help improve your general well-being.

Although not a sports masseur, Charlie is happy to offer a firmer treatment to provide a deep tissue massage. He will also use some of his other techniques during the treatment to provide you with an experience that is formulated for you.

The treatment is conducted on a massage table and uses a choice of scented oils from Songbird Massage Wax and Intentions UK. Please contact Charlie with any known allergies that you may consider relevant.

Swedish Massage Options

Alternative Massage Choices

Swedish Massage can be adapted to offer some of the following styles and you can chose yours as you prefer

Relax - a more gentle treatment, comforting, lighted strokes creating a relaxing treatment

Rejuvenate - firmer strokes, slightly deeper but without the kneading from a deep tissue treatment

Power - A deep tissue massage, firm kneading, more concentrated and deeper strokes that helps remove knots and stresses of everyday life

Why not add to your treatments?

Feet - 30 minutes - £20

For stressed feet, this 30 minute treatment uses traditional Thai methods in relaxing and calming your feet up to your knees

Neck and shoulder - 30 minutes - £20

A pressure to suit your needs, de-stress, de-knot and unwind for half an hour

Back, neck, shoulders and scalp - 45 minutes - £25

The relaxation of a back neck and shoulders along

with a scalp massage stimulating your hair follicles,

body and mind.

areas covered within Somerset

All massages are available in the comfort of your home which should be located within 10 miles of Shepton Mallet, and includes Wells, Glastonbury, Frome, Radstock and Midsomer Norton and surrounding villages in Somerset. arrangements can be made for travelling further.

Charlie also works from a treatment room available in Shepton Mallet allowing his treatments to be performed there. Please enquire for further details.